Educational software to improve
your abilities

Kuletu software, easily create all kinds of custom touch games by writing rules, which is highly flexible. In games, music is an indispensable interactive tool, the software has complete music editing functions, built-in piano and a large number of timbres, and arranges music in a simple and interesting way. Let's do it, create an exclusive whac-a-mole game to improve your reaction speed, or create a memory test game to improve your memory, and much more.



Support for 39+ languages, music is our common language.

Mobile Friendly

Crossover, tablet multi-touch and desktop traditional modes, you can also set a suitable zoom level according to the screen size.

User Friendly

Graphical, modular. Easy to use or understand.

Fast Response

Small executable size, single file, green. Fast response.


Spring 2011


Launch the development and design efforts.                             

Autumn 2012


Launch the official website.                                                       

Spring 2016


Release 13th version - V1.3.                                                           

Spring 2022

New stage

New education version with new powerful features.               

Education Edition

Kuletu Education Edition, available to all users. For educational institutions, we provide dedicated sensor device, to achieve more powerful features.

Education Edition

Music is the greatest gift that God gave to us, also bring us together, it is clear that this will last forever.

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